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“Linguistics of Distancing” Uniting Scholars at the Time of Pandemic

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The paper deals with the results of the “Linguistics of distancing” conference held on January 25-26, 2021. Within the framework of the conference the issues of ontology and evolution of language in the time of civilizational shift triggered by the pandemic were discussed. In unparalleled times of global coronavirus epidemic, the conference was organized in a unique format – blog conference, with personal communication embedded in its structure regardless of its being still a remote conference. The questions raised in plenary talks and zoom tables stepped beyond the borderlines of actual communication, igniting further discussions on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms. This open format made it not a usual conference but an unprecedented feast of intellectual pleasure, potentially leaving a longer legacy in the academic world.

About the Author

A. Sharapkova
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Russian Federation

Anastasia Sharapkova is Cand. Sci (Philology), senior lecturer in the Department of English linguistics


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Sharapkova A. “Linguistics of Distancing” Uniting Scholars at the Time of Pandemic. Professional Discourse & Communication. 2021;3(3):92-101.

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