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Ryazan sustainable combinations of terminological character associated with lace

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The purpose of this article is to present a multidimensional view of professional speech of residents of the Ryazan region by putting focus on stable combinations of a terminological nature. The empirical material comprises elements which belong to the semantic group of lacemaking and weaving. Examples are taken from dictionaries and the data of linguistic expeditions. Main research methods are lexical-semantic, linguo-cultural analysis of selected linguistic facts and quantitative analysis.

About the Author

S. O. Kiparisova
Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne Order of the Suvorov twice Red Banner Command School named after Army General V.F. Margelova
Russian Federation


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Kiparisova S.O. Ryazan sustainable combinations of terminological character associated with lace. Professional Discourse & Communication. 2019;1(4):57-67. (In Russ.)

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