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Aleksey N. Aleksakhin

Dr. Aleksey N. Aleksakhin

MGIMO University

Moscow, Russia

Dr. Aleksey N. Aleksakhin is Dr. Sci. (Philology), professor in the Department of Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian and Thai languages at MGIMO University (2004). Military Institute of Foreign Languages graduate (1970). Worked and studied in Nanyang University of Singapore (1975), from 1977 to 1980 — postgraduate in the Military Institute, Fudan University (Shanghai), Shandong University (Jinnan) (1987), from 1987–90 — postgraduate (doctoral candidacy) in the Military Institute, Vietnam Linguistics Institute (1991). Candidate of Philology (26.06.1981). Associate professor (29.01.1986). Doctor of Philology (08.02.1991). Professor (26.07.1995). Lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, senior staff scientist, professor of the Military Institute (from 1970), Military Red Banner Institute, Military Academy of Economics, Finance and Law, Military University (to 1997). Part-time senior staff scientist of Language Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (1994–96). Worked in the Soviet embassy in PRC (1970–71), Russian Federation trade mission in PRC (1998-2002). Published more than 100 scientific, educational and methodical works. Took part in all-USSR, all-Russian and international scientific conferences, has a long-term translation work practice on different level negotiations, including governmental. Colonel, second-class government service councilor, awarded the USSR medals. Teaches at International relations, International economic relations, International law faculties of MGIMO University