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Antonina A. Kharkovskaya

Prof. Antonina Kharkovskaya is professor (the Department of English Philology & Journalistics) at Samara National Research University. She is the author of about 300 publications and a regular participant of numerous international scientific conferences in different countries. Her research interests embrace various areas of functional linguistics, discourse analysis, English mini-texts and semantics, pragmalinguistic and sociolinguistic aspects of language units. Recent paper include: a chapter on Expressive Syntactic Devices as Means of Forming Advertising Discourse in “Functional approach of Professional Discourse Exploration in Linguistics” – a monograph published by Springer; Mini-texts of abstracts to modern English drama in the context of linguoaxiological approach in “Functional Aspects of Intercultural Communication. Translation and Interpreting Issues: Proceedings, 2020”


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